About SnapTV

We are here to make your IPTV deployment a success

SnapTV develops, builds, operates and maintains advanced digital infotainment systems.

SnapTV has been supplying network owners and operators with IPTV technology and services since 2005, and today SnapTV systems have been deployed to all continents of the world and are used by a large number of companies including several Fortune 500 companies like Harris and Halliburton.

Through IPTV and digital signage technology we enable entertainment and information services to provide efficient communication to and enhance crew morale on ships and rigs. We enhance guest comfort in hotels, consumer TV experience at home, student life at campus and patient welfare at hospitals.

Through efficient operation, monitoring and maintenance systems, IPTV and network specialists at the SnapTV Service Operation Center watches over systems to ensure uninterrupted operation and carrier-grade service quality.

Through thoroughly educated and certified partners with expert knowledge of both technology and market requirements we fulfill the demand for advanced infotainment systems within such markets as as martime, offshore, hospitality, health care and education. Through global alliances partners and regional value-added resellers, SnapTV systems are available virtually world wide. With our partners we are always at your service to give expert solution architect guidance as well as to provide trouble-free system deployment and operation.

SnapTV is based in Oslo, Norway with sales, operation and maintenance partners world wide.