About snap.tv

We are here to make your IPTV deployment a success

snap.tv develops, builds, operates and maintains advanced digital infotainment systems

snap.tv is the global supplier of an all-in-one IPTV solution designed for small and medium sized network operators who want to offer their customers and/or employees the following services – without complications and a huge price tag.


Recording, nPVR
No hard-drive needed!



Our history

snap.tv has been supplying network owners and operators with IPTV technology and services worldwide since 2006. Today our systems have been deployed to all continents of the world, and are used by a large number of companies including several Fortune 500 companies.

snap.tv was acquired by NSSLGlobal in December 2016 as part of NSSLGlobal’s on-going investment programme. This investment programme’s objective is to proactively seek out young innovative companies with whom NSSLGlobal has synergies that ultimately result in new Value-Added Services for both companies’ customers. Whilst we both benefit from each other’s expertise, we continue to work independently and attract our own clients.

How does snap.tv ensure happy clientele?

snap.tv provides a range of infotainment software, hardware and services. Our infotainment software service (delivered via an easy-to-use GUI) includes television, recording (nPVR—eliminates need for hard drive in cabin equipment), video on demand and radio. See below for the common applications, and how we ensure the trouble-free operation thereof.

We enhance

  • Crew Entertainment / Welfare on Commercial shipping vessels and offshore oil rigs
  • Corporate Communication on commercial shipping vessels and offshore oil rigs
  • Guest comfort in hotels
  • Patient welfare at hospitals
  • Student life on any campus worldwide
  • Consumer TV experience at home, worldwide

Our promise

  • IPTV technology that enables entertainment and information services to provide efficient connectivity to enhance crew morale on ships and rigs.
  • Efficient operations, monitoring and maintenance systems, IPTV and network specialists at the snap.tv Service Operation Centre, we watch over your systems to ensure uninterrupted operation and carrier-grade service quality.
  • Thoroughly educated and certified partners with expert knowledge of both technology and market requirements, we fulfil the demand for advanced infotainment systems within such markets as:

    • Maritime
    • Offshore
    • Hospitality
    • Health Care
    • Education

  • Through global alliances, partners, and regional value-added resellers, snap.tv systems are available worldwide. We—with our vetted partners—are always at your service to give expert solutions-architect guidance as well as to provide trouble-free system deployment and operation.

snap.tv is based in Oslo, Norway with sales, operation and maintenance partners worldwide.