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IPTV for service providers

SnapTV provides an all-in-one IPTV solution, helping small and medium size network operators to offer advanced state-of-the art TV services including live TV, live radio, HDTV, electronic program guide, program recording, movie rental and more.

The SnapTV solution also supports PayTV models such as a la carte subscriptions, tiered channel packages, pay per recorder quota, pay-per-view etc.

SnapTV targets small and medium-sized network operators to enhance guest comfort in hotels, consumer TV experience at home, student life at campus and patient welfare at hospitals.

A new kind of TV?

As the user expectations increases and the complexity of solutions expands, the need for simple integrated solutions without the need for system integration of several different vendors increases exponentially.

Today's digital systems demand powerful, flexible, compact solutions. The "anything in - IP out" SnapTV Solution provide high performing IP streaming and management for managed networks, including advanced functions such as server side recording and video on demand.

SnapTV IP all in one IPTV solution combines descrambling and transport stream processing with IP streaming capabilities for a cost-effective, progressive solution, enabling distributing a multiple program transport stream over a high-speed IP network or backbone toward multiple regional headends or hub sites.


Payment Models
The SnapTV Content and Subscriber Management System builds on a central database where all information regarding product purchases, product tiers, prices, customers. CPE etc is stored.

The database is driven by two separate web interfaces
• The User and Asset Organizer
• The SnapTV Funshop

The User and Asset Organizer is used by the operator to define products and product groups, to define pricing and campaigns and to register new customers and new assets. Changes are reflected at users' devices in near real time.

Fun Shop
The SnapTV Funshop is used by the end customer to purchase products and subscribe to services.
This system supports a variety of business models such as packet subscriptions, à la carte subscriptions, pay per view and pay per quota. Time shifting services such as nPVR and VOD is fully supported.

Point of Presence
In larger distributed managed networks the use of decentralized recorders and video on demand servers are needed to ensure full services to hard to reach areas. Make use of the easy to use point of presence technology custom developed to fit into situations where distributed services are needed. The system will automatically detect and configure the far away servers, as if they were centrally located. Ensuring an easy to use and trivial configuration for the administrator.


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