TurnKey IPTV services

Are you looking for a high quality, stable, turnkey IPTV solution for your business?
Our system brings you the next generation TV - today!

With the newest IPTV technology, and continuously development, we can deliver a cost efficient, customized and future proof system,
based on your requirements. Our product is highly scalable, and with the low initial costs the system also suits small and medium
sized networks.

Beside the main functionality as HD TV, PVR and high quality radio, there are possibilities of tailoring the content towards your audience.
With a user friendly management system, your audience can receive personalized content at any time. This also includes PAGA muting,
CCTV integration and private messaging.

The system has a compact and space efficient design, and a customer specified look and feel can be implemented in the intuitive and
user friendly portal.

From exclusive 5-star hotels, high corrosive deep seas to harsh remote desert camps, SnapTV IPTV system works everywhere!


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Maritime, Oil & Gas market.

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Hospitality market.

Read more about our product for the
ISP market.

Read more about our product for
Other markets.


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